My All-Time Favourite Songs by South African Artists

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

We are nearing the end of 2020. Can you believe we have only 2 months to go before we enter 2021? This year definitely felt very short and that’s probably because of all the uncertainty with covid19 and lockdown. However, the festive season is around the corner and there can be no better way to celebrate than with some good music.

So, I have been compiling a playlist of all the South African songs I love and will be listening to this summer. This is a list of all old and new songs that I know will be in my playlist for this festive season.

In the past few years, South Africa has really shown us some great talent when it comes to music. From Elaine’s contemporary R&B style music to AmaPiano’s Kamo Mphela there is some exceptional talent to look for and listen to. It’s challenging to select only 15 songs, but I will only share with you the songs that I listen to the most.

To open the playlist, I started with Prince Kaybee’s Fetch Your Life ft. Msaki. Msaki has always been my all-time favourite artist. I first discovered her music 4 years ago with Imfama Ziyabona. The song made me look deeper into my purpose, especially given that 4 years ago I was deep in Uni. So, with the pressure to submit assignments and get good grades, it was the perfect song to listen to, as a reminder that all the work was for a bigger purpose. So, I instantly fell for this song, especially given that the meaning is similar to Imfama Ziyabona.

I suggest you have a good listen to the song, it’s perfect to hype you up into getting your to-do list done. All the plans and dreams we put on hold because of circumstances, to wake up and fetch your life sis.

We pray away, pray away, pray away

The pain on not being in alignment with our dreams

Other songs in the playlist that follow the same energy for motivating and positivity are Sun-EL Musician and Msaki’s Ubomi Abamanga and Into Ingawe by Sun-EL Musician featuring Ami Faku. The songs loosely translate, “life hasn’t stopped” and “It’s all up to you”. Great music for hustlers that with prayer and hard work success can be achieved, including Aubrey Qwana’s Molo.

The next couple of songs in my playlist are about love and relationships. And since I’m a hopeless romantic a big part of the playlist is made up of love songs. I’m currently listening to Ziphozenkosi by Dumi Mkokstad. He initially wrote the song for his wife Ziphozenkosi, which means “God’s gifts“.

I like to reference the song to my son, he is my gift from God.

Yintoni na umuntu, lent’ umthanda kangaka?

(Who is Man that You would love them so much?) Umuph’ isipho esinje (What a gift!)

Kulungile Thixo (It is Good, my Lord)

Yintoni na umuntu, lent’ umthanda kangaka?

(Who is Man that You would love them so much?)

Another lovely song, for people who are in a long term relationship, is Bucie featuring Kwesta – Thando Lwethu. It is such a reaffirming and lovely song to listen to with your partner. Another song that fits into the same category is Ngeke Balunge by Mafikizolo and Forever by Sithelo ft. SkyeWanda. They are very beautiful upbeat songs.

The next songs in the playlist are pop culture songs, the first one is Stay by Rowlene. I first discovered Rowlene after watching Blood & Water, she is one of the underrated artists in our country. She has an incredible voice and I enjoy that I can listen to a South African Pop/R&B artist that sings just as good as those in the US. Another song I love by her is SMA where she features Nasty C. I also love Whipped by Tellaman, Shekhinah, Nasty C, it sounds American, but it is definitely a masterpiece.

And lastly, my favourite songs for when I want to dance is Ntyilo Ntyilo by Rethabile Khumalo feat. Master KG, MFR Souls – Amanikiniki ft. Major League Djz, Kamo Mphela & Bontle Smith. These are such spirit-filled and uplifting songs, perfect for when you need an energy boost.

Music has always been very important to me. People have different coping mechanisms to the curve balls life throws at us. It seems that music is a universal coping mechanism for most people. In fact, music has been proven to reduce stress.

We sometimes underestimate so many aspects of the Arts and the positive contribution they have in our overall health.

 I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist and please share any song suggestions you may have.

Love & Blessings xxx


Natural Hair in Beauty Pageants: MissSA 2019 Top 16

I didn’t think I would be doing another natural hair post anytime soon, but hello, here I am. Here to dish you all about hair AGAIN. I just can’t help it but show love when black girls choose to stick to and embrace the beauty of our hair. I could go on and on talking about hair. Like literally without stopping.

When I started this natural hair journey, many years ago, there weren’t as much natural hair people in South Africa’s media sphere. So seeing the representation, or rather the shift towards natural hair gladdens me.

So, FYI (if you haven’t heard the news yet) the Top 16 for the MissSA 2019 pageant has been officially announced. While all the contestants are as beautiful and talented as the ones below, there is one feature we cannot ignore — their natural hair.  From their skin colour to their hairstyles the 2019 Miss SA runner ups won my heart from the get-go.

I couldn’t help but admire just how these young women are so beautifully natural. The shift for inclusivity in beauty pageants is on a mission to change the status quo. This is a statement to the young faces at home watching the show with a similar hair texture to see nothing wrong in having their own hair in certain spaces, more especially beauty pageants.

Take a look at the 7 runner ups embracing their natural hair:


Zozibini Tunzi is a 25-year-old Marvel Comic fan completing her BTech in PR from Cape Town. (MissSA)


Chuma Matsaluka is a 21-year-old from Nyanga, Cape Town who is in her third year of a BA Degree at UCT. Majoring in anthropology, industrial sociology and political studies. (MissSA)


Zanele Phakathi is a 20-year-old UJ student from Soweto. Affectionately known as Zaza, she has more than 70 pageant titles to her name. (MissSA)


Kgothatso Dithebe is a 24-year-old Centurion LLB student with a unique facial birthmark that has taught her resilience. She wants to show others that being different can be a blessing. (MissSA)


Sound engineer, Noluthando Bennett is a 24-year-old multi-media and web design freelancer from Kagiso in Krugersdorp. (MissSA)


Keabetswe Kanyane is a 25-year-old mala mogodu loving analyst from Pretoria. Currently working on her BCom honours at the University of Johannesburg. (MissSA)


Sibabalwe Gcilitshana is a 24-year-old parliamentary officer from Bellville in Cape Town. A researcher for Equal Education (EE). (MissSA)
















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‘Love thy Fro’—Misconceptions About Natural Hair

My hair is my crown

Let me start by thanking you for the love and those who subscribed to my blog and social media pages know that it is highly appreciated.

If you have natural hair, I’m sure you know the feeling of listening to that random person who is so fixated in his or her own ideas about why natural hair is so bad.

Here are some of the few that I tend to hear a lot from people in my cycle:

Afro hair is stronger

Uh no! In fact it one of the fragile hairs out there and because of its delicacy, it breaks easily. The curl pattern can also make afro hair more prone to breakage because of every bend in the hair represents a weaker point in the hair shaft.

It is not versatile

If you can do braids, twists, shrinkage, updos, etc.

If this is not versatile then I’m not sure what is meant by ‘not versatile’

Natural haired people are political/ they are passing a statement

Although some can be however if letting your hair grow out the way it’s supposed to be is political, then my sister you still have a long way to go to unlearn.

OIl moisturises hair

Nuh! Water does. Oil can add shine to the hair, but you know shine alone does not equate to moisturised hair.

Braids are the best protective style

Yes, sure! But…if they are not too tight and you keep them clean. I know ladies like to have braids that put too much strain on the hair follicle. s much as they are good they require a lot of care, you can’t possibly leave them in for 3 months and unwashed and expect good results. Firstly it’ s disgusting and secondly will put a strain of your hair

Natural Hair doesn’t grow

Mine grows better than relaxed hair.  Whatever hair you have, relaxed or afro it always boils down to how you take care of your hair.

Natural hair is expensive

Don’t go for things you cannot afford. Natural hair care products can be ridiculously expensive. A tiny bottle of shea butter can cost you R200, but you shouldn’t fall for that.

Stick to a few hair care products that work for you, they don’t have to be expensive, and anyways these products can have harmful chemicals for your hair.

Being a product-junky is a stage you’ll get over it and soon you will be using one oil, a leave-in conditioner and water for a day-to-day style.

Naturals are lazy people

Nope. Since being natural it has meant that I pay more attention to what goes into my hair. With that came the never-ending job of having to do flats twist every night. The weekly washes, conditioning and protective styling.

Being natural is not easy, so every time you see girls rocking their shrinkage — just don’t judge!

Comment down below other misconceptions you know of about natural hair.

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My Top 5 Favourite SA mom blogs

Parents in every city struggle with juggling the day to day activities of their lives. Be it from trying to make a proper meal for your toddler while avoiding by all means possible the next tantrum.

We all know that being a first-time mom is not easy — at least that’s what I’ve gathered. But we can all agree on that South Africa is a big country and we definitely need mom bloggers like these to help us in our parenting journey. Their advice and real nature to parenting doesn’t create unrealistic expectations from ourselves.

To make things easier for myself after having a baby, the internet was my go-to place for simple recommendations of places and products to use.

Disclaimer: These five bloggers are in no particular order. They include bloggers which  I had read a valuable post from. Mom blogs are a big community and I could not possibly add all of them in this list. 

So these are my favourite mom bloggers:

You, Baby and I


Shanèy Vijendranath (Instagram)

Mommy and Baby Approved


Mommy and Baby Approved (Instagram)

The Working Mom blog


Naeema Alexander (Instagram)

Modern Zulu Mom


modern zulu
Modern Zulu Mom (Instagram)

Liam and Cole the blog


Liam and Cole the blog (Instagram)

These moms remind us why those tantrum and late nights feedings are worth it.


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Learning to do things differently… Reflecting!

It’s been a minute since I published anything in this blog. Where have I been and what’s up? Before I answer that, I need to say that it is important to do things in the ways you believe are best and to positively take criticism and attention that comes your way as a direct result of that.

So, where have I been? I have been living and taking up life as it comes while making the conscious decision to learn and unlearn a lot of what shapes my social and individual life. That’s where I have been.
I have been growing, holistically.

I have been choosing to consciously allow myself to be happy and find every reason to be happy. Especially given the current climate of Covid19 and unemployment, the only thing we truly need is positivity.

I must put it out there, it is fun and exciting to not need validation from anyone or anything that life is beautiful.

Speaking of positivity, earlier this week, I happened to stumble across a TEDx Talk on the power of choice. The YouTube video itself is from 5 years ago, I guess I needed to hear that video now because it would make more sense.

In short, the lady talks about being a decent human being, kindness and thoughtfulness and seeing the positive side of circumstances. This is not to disregard the negatives that happen in our lives, but to change our perspective to rather appreciate the negatives so that more positive things can be drawn towards us.

Speaking of which I have started reading more on the law of attraction. The law states that we design and shape our lives by carefully choosing what we put our energies towards. The fundamentals of this law state that positivity manifest positive things and vice versa.

The kind of positivity that is not drawn from money-orientated things, but rather that is mindful and intentional. Fear of failure has hindered me from pursuing a lot of what was in my visions. Being aware of this is freeing to me, it has allowed me to understand my fears and doubts so that I could learn to release the fears and doubts that seem to speak louder than I do.

That is why I am rebranding my blog to Anelisa Loves. To be about everything that I love, everything that appeals to me, my mental and physical wellbeing, my love for motherhood, my natural hair journey so much more about black beauty.

As a person, you evolve, and I believe this so much more now because I am in my mid-20s, this could not have been more true. I have definitely evolved as a young woman.

That is why I want to write about my inspirations, my loves, my life lessons while capturing the beauty of life.

With that said – Hello!

Motherhood: social media perfection vs hilarious reality

Going into parenthood you hear words along the lines of ‘it’s a blessing’, ‘it’s exhausting’, ‘it’s beautiful’, ‘it will come naturally to you’.

Although most of these are sometimes true, when you become a new parent you have certain expectations of your journey, but those expectations aren’t always the reality.

I recently came across a video posted by LAD Bible on what motherhood looks like on social media and what it’s like in real-life situations.

Watch the video here:

The video certainly got me thinking about the times before I became a parent, where I thought I could do a better job.

So I created a list just to remind ourselves of the expectations we had before becoming mothers.

Motherhood expectations vs. reality

Not all of these scenarios are realities for all parents and this list doesn’t assume that all parents make these assumptions.



When you’re a new mom, you expect to have your house in order and meal prep for the week ahead. This will include nicely organised containers with colour coordinated food. You want your family to be on a healthy diet after all.


Finding time for week-long meal preps will not be easy. Most days you’ll just throw everything in one container and call it a day. However, on the days that you actually find time to prep, you will feel like a super mom.



In a perfect world, moms would have their babies sleeping in a pram or seated in a highchair, well-fed, well-behaved and playing. This will give the parent the perfect opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner over a decent conversation. After all how hard could this be, right?


Wrong. Eating will not be any easier, and you’ll most likely find that your baby hates sitting in a highchair and wants to eat what you are eating.

This mom said it best:

When eating out, always go for family-friendly restaurants, that way you won’t feel so bad when baby acts up. If baby happens to be fussy in public, relax and do your best to calm him down.

Waking up


Telling yourself that you will actually use your mom’s advice and for once you will wake up earlier than baby and have a bottle when the baby wakes up.


Until your little person starts thinking this is a game and ends up beating you and your alarm clock.

Sleep arrangements


Baby sleeping sleeping peacefully in cot or next to you.


Nope, actually it goes something like this. Kicks and hair pulling.

Putting baby to sleep




Bath time


Having alone time in the bathroom so that you could give yourself a little spa treatment at home.


There is a high possibility that someone might walk in there crying or looking for you, and chances are it’s not even clean enough to have at home spa day.

Look at this mom’s funny reality check here.

Tidying up


‘I will have a tidy house and my baby’s bedroom will look like it was pulled out of a Pinterest board.’


There is cleaning the house and then there is cleaning the house when you are actually expecting people over.

My advice is that you find what works for you. If you can, ask your husband to take the kids out. The trick is to time yourself and do a speed cleaning test while you have the house to yourself.

Trust me. It works.

Playing dress up


‘I want a girl so that we could play dress up like Bey and Blue’


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Your toddler doesn’t want to take off the rain boots, they go with every outfit.


My advice: She gets to pick her clothes and you pick your battle. Simple!

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